5 Ways to Make Memorable Experiences Abroad: Summer Edition

Greetings, fellow travelers!!! It’s been some time since we last connected, but I am excited to share a previously written piece, posted on Black Enterprise, on the best ways to,” Make Memorable Experiences Abroad.” It’s summer here in the US, and many are looking for new and exciting places to visit and want some creative ideas on how best to enjoy them. Please click here to learn more about how you can enhance your next overseas journey and create lasting memories. Happy travels and hope to see you in an airport soon!!!




Cruising Solo NCL Style

Are you prepping for your next holiday and considering traveling alone? If so, then cruising solo is the ideal way to go! You can explore multiple destinations as you float from port to port- and meet some incredible people along the way. That’s right! You can pack your bags for a party of one- with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)and still get in on all the fun. There’s no need to harass your family and friends any longer, because I’m going to show you how to have an incredible time all by your lonesome…Well not completely alone, but it’ll at least start out that way. So…grab some coconut water and get ready for the solo adventure of a lifetime!!


Norwegian EPIC

Here’s Why You Can Embark On This Mission Alone

Venturing out on a solo mission is now easier than ever. Norwegian Cruise Line has created a community where solo cruisers can link up- in an environment completely designed with them in mind. All Studio guests, as they’re affectionately called, receive “exclusive key card access” to the Studio Complex and Lounge. It is a private common space, strictly for those cruising solo- where cruisers can engage with others from all across the globe. The area is complete with coffee, espresso, pastries and plenty of space to lounge and engage in some light-hearted or in depth international conversations. There are even dedicated “happy” hours in the evening for singles to meet-up. I met travelers from just about everywhere, as I sipped on a hot beverage. It was awesome! I love the concept and the exclusive access.


Norwegian EPIC Studio Complex & Lounge (Image credit to NCL)

Cozy Studio Cabin Staterooms

Norwegian offers solo cruisers the perfect space.They have “award winning,” studio cabins for those floating, shall we say… unaccompanied. Last May, I had the pleasure of sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line’s EPIC, in a studio cabin; throughout Spain, Italy and the French Riviera. My little home away from home on the Mediterranean Sea was fantastic. It was just the right size and it had all the amenities that I needed. It featured white and purple décor, a comfortable bed, an in-room shower, a sink and of course a separate, enclosed “water closet”…. if you know what I mean. It also had cabinet space, a flat screen television and even a small desk area to use. I absolutely adored my cozy little stateroom cabin, and cannot wait to cruise solo again soon. It is such a great space for eager independents, providing them the ability to cruise alone, and for an amazing rate.

Europe 066

Studio Stateroom Cabin

Onboard Activities and Off-Ship Tours

There are tons of  epic activities on the ship. Whether you’re restaurant hopping, line dancing, taking photos or splashing in the pools, you would have to work extremely hard to be alone in this environment. I found myself chit chatting and laughing at every turn. From the passengers to the staff, I never had a dull moment. NCL also offers free-style dining, which is phenomenal. No designated times or assigned tables are required. This allows guests to float about at leisure. Additionally, there are fantastic shows on board, a comedy club, bowling, the option to belt out your favorite tunes for the crowd- via karaoke and much, much more. You can also catch some of the most incredible pictures as you dock at each port. Once you exit, a whole new world opens up. Also, there’s no need to be concerned with how to get around by yourself. You can book group tours directly through the ship, or even opt to explore the areas with your new found (ship) friends as a unit. Either way, you’ll have a lovely time!


Headliners Comedy Club

Europe 035

On Board Water Activities

Europe 212

Port in Naples, Italy

While on board the Epic, I linked up with some others I knew from the states. It was a remarkable adventure and an unforgettable time. You never know who you might bump into on your next unescorted mission.But, what I do know, is that cruising solo is now easier than ever, so I promise you’ll forget you ever boarded the ship alone. However, if you do get tired of all the crowds and want some space, you always have the option to steal away. After all, you are technically on holiday alone, so it’s all up to you. Until next time my friends, Bon voyage!

*I had a blast reviewing NCL. This post is meant to inform and provide travelers information. This is a summary of my true experience while onboard the ship, and my opinion is solely shaped by my own personal experience. I like to experience what I write about firsthand, so that I can advise fellow travelers of offerings and services!

Meet Me at Alegria When It’s Sunset

Whether you are looking for some action or are longing to unwind,  do I have a great destination in mind for you. The Dutch island of St. Maarten, which is one half of a dynamic duo (St. Martin on the French half is the other,) is located in the far north-east pocket of the Caribbean. This magnificent locale is the perfect option to have some fun, or to rest your weary bones. During my most recent visit to the island, I experienced a little bit of everything. I lounged at the hotel, as well as canvased the area to take in all the action. This visit, I stayed at the lovely Alegria hotel, which is in walking and driving distance to a number of places. When I wasn’t relaxing at the property, I was out exploring the nearby restaurants, eateries and hot spots. Fortunately, there was plenty to see and do without having to leave the resort’s cul-de-sac during those tiresome hours. What was even more thrilling, was that the renowned Sunset Bar & Grill, which has the best views on the island, sits just at the end of the strip where Alegria is located. I suggest buckling up!

Panorama view 2.jpg

View Of Alegria


Part of the Ascend Hotel Collection, Alegria is a contemporary mini resort, located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten (-the other side is French St. Martin) island. This contemporary style dwelling is a 75 guest room & suites hotel, complete with two swimming pools, a swim up bar, spa services by request, free wifi, a fitness room and free parking. The hotel is surrounded by restaurants, a casino and of course, the acclaimed Sunset Bar & Grill. Additionally, Alegria is part of the area where an incredible new entertainment complex – Refuge, is set to open this fall 2016. The project will feature a diverse portfolio of restaurants and event space around the current Sunset Bar & Grill location and gift shop.

Main Entrance

Main Entrance to Alegria 

Pool 7.JPG

Swimming Pools

Pool Bar 2

Poolside Bar

Gym 3.JPG

Fitness Room

Alegria Hotel Rooms & Suites

Alegria hotel features modern décor and breathtaking views. As noted above, there are a mix of standard hotel rooms and suites, which offer separate living and dining room areas, 1 to 2 bedrooms, and upscale kitchens. Guests can choose from standard, garden or pool side and ocean view rooms, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy some memorable sights each morning and night. They can also choose a standard king, a standard double-double or studio king room. There are two suite options; a one-bedroom or a two- bedroom penthouse available for lodging. All rooms come equipped with 32” flat screen televisions, balconies, refrigerators, coffee makers, sofa beds, microwaves and in-room safes. Additionally, suites have a full, separate kitchen and dining area, with stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops.

Lobby 3


One Bedroom Balcony 1

One Bedroom Balcony Poolside/Ocean View  

One Bedroom Kitchen 1.jpg

One Bedroom Suite Kitchen

One Bedroom King Bed 4

One Bedroom King Room

Penthouse Balcony 2.JPG

Penthouse Suite Balcony View

Sunset Bar & Grill – Soon to take “Refuge”

Just at the end of the Alegria strip is Sunset Bar & Grill. Best known for its spectacular views of the low flying airplanes coming in over Maho Beach, this happening spot is an island favorite. Eager beach goers and hungry tourists line the area daily, in hopes of catching unbelievably up close captures of the various sized aircraft- that’s preparing to land. There’s music, tons of people and lots of picture taking throughout the day. It’s like a nonstop international gathering with the most amazing backdrop- airplanes and the sea! The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, to famished patrons who are ready to nosh out- as they take in the “low flying” views. This lively eatery also has a new menu with an array of items to arouse the palate, from the Delta- Airlines Pizza, to the Sofrito Chicken Torta. Many guests also opt to chomp down on more familiar dishes like french fries and Sunset’s world famous burgers, as they wet their whistles with everything from frozen drinks, to iced coffee. When diners aren’t filling their bellies with all sort of goodness, they are dancing, singing and/or watching hermit crab races…when they’re not rolling around on the neighboring beach sand that is. From the live music, to the scent of jet fuel in the air, this locale has it all! Stay tuned for the upcoming Refuge Entertainment complex that will include this ever popular eatery and gift shop, as well as event space, other restaurants and of course, the beautiful seaside blues and airplane views.

Sun Set Beach Bar 1

Sunset Bar & Grill Alongside Maho Beach

Sunset Beach Bar 4

View of Incoming Aircraft- Sunset Bar & Grill

Area To-Dos

Island visitors can do everything from splashing in the sea, to singing karaoke to their favorite tunes. There is much to do in the surrounding Maho area of Philipsburg, which is the capital of St. Maarten. Situated along the southern coast of the island, Alegria is well positioned. Not only is it just minutes from Princess Juliana international Airport, but it also sits on the resort compound with French owned C-Lounge, which is a delicious little chic restaurant, with delectable menu offerings, Taco Macho for the Latin food fix (which only takes cash by the way,) the Casino and Momo’s, who serves fantastic Mediterranean cuisine. There is also an 18-hole championship golf course nearby- at Mullet Bay, and on the other side of Maho Beach, sits plenty of duty-free shops and a flourishing night life.

Taco Macho 2.JPG

Taco Macho

Other Island Recommendations

Also, if you are able to venture out, I would highly recommend spending time on Front Street in downtown Philipsburg, as well as in the Simpson Bay area. I would also suggest crossing over into French St. Martin for a whole new world. One of my favorite places to eat on the island is on that side, at Cynthia’s in Grand Case. Visitors can also take day trips to neighboring islands out of French, Marigot Bay, as well as shop, eat and have some fun.

*It is important to note that many stores and restaurants throughout the island require a $20 USD minimum purchase to use debit/credit cards, so be sure to have cash on hand for smaller purchases! This is clearly one of my all-time favorite places in the world, so if you want to find me a few times a year- Meet me at Alegria when it’s sunset!

Palapa huts 2.jpg

Palapa Huts Oceanside- Alegria

*While visiting the island, I was a guest at Alegria. My invitation in no way shapes my views of the resort, neighboring restaurants or other island sites and businesses where I was a patron. This piece describes my true experience from beginning to end of this trip. It is meant to inform and provide travelers information. St.Maarten is one of my favorite destinations, so I enjoy going back and creating new experiences. Also, media photos were used for this post. Stay tuned, as my 2016 Global Expedition continues…

Posh Meets The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City

When it comes to luxury and premier service, The Ritz- Carlton Pentagon City, is ahead of its class. This upscale establishment provides guests with an unparalleled concierge experience, complete with plush accommodations- at the perfect locale. With a swanky address that is home to one of the area’s most celebrated restaurants, fyve, it is easy to understand why guests return to this deluxe hotel, time and time again.

FullSizeRender (14)

Inside the Ritz- Carlton Pentagon City 

A Most Memorable Arrival

From the moment I stepped off the airplane at Ronald Reagan (DCA,) I could sense that it was going to be a stellar stay. As I headed toward the baggage claim area, I was warmly greeted by a U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide driver, holding a sign with my name on it. I introduced myself and thanked him for his patience, considering my late arrival into the Arlington, Virgina area. My introduction was met with the most pleasant of smiles, before I was ushered off to retrieve my well-traveled duffle bag. Next, I was whisked away in a shiny, black sedan- for a short ride. When we pulled up to the hotel, I was welcomed by another kind gentleman, who assisted me out of the vehicle. As he approached the trunk to gather my bags, another person greeted me at the door, directing me inside. I nodded yes, then thanked and tipped the driver before walking in. Once I entered, I headed towards the front desk. During my stroll down the hallway, I noticed every detail of the gorgeous entryway and lobby. The staff at the front desk was great and required minimal effort on my end. After I checked-in, I proceeded up the elevator with keys in hand.


Hotel entrance, leading to the lobby, restaurant and front desk

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Lobby area

Hotel Room

My room was elegant and classy; draped in white with lovely gray accents. My 17th floor room view was also just what I needed, after a lengthy day of traveling. As I looked out, I gazed across the Arlington and D.C. areas with the softest grin upon my face. It was beautiful and I was so thankful that I had arrived safely. The chic room was equipped with a bar; featuring an assortment of snacks and a bottle of wine, as well as a refrigerator filled with sodas and spirits.The contemporary bathroom was fantastic, featuring the signature Ritz-Carlton white robe and slippers, as well as the wonderful Asprey of London products. After freshening up, I relaxed a bit on the comfy, king -sized bed trying not to fall asleep, knowing that soon my presence would be required downstairs. I had to meet with a couple of colleagues who reside in the area, so I had to stay awake. It was difficult not to drift off once my head hit the fluffy pillow, but somehow I managed to stay awake. After what turned into an in-depth 3hr meeting over appetizers at fyve, I retreated back to my room for a good night’s rest. My routine ended the same over the course of the next couple days. I visited the monuments, took pictures of the cherry blossoms, combed the area like a tourist, then returned to the hotel to freshen up, dine and rest.

FullSizeRender (15)

Desk inside my 17th floor room


Inside my 17th floor room


View from my 17th floor room

Club Level Access

For an additional 50 USD per day, per adult and 25USD per day, per child (age 12 and under,) guests of The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City can enjoy such luxuries as Club Lounge delicatessens and delectable cuisine throughout the day, as well as complimentary garment pressing for up to two pieces. Use of the Club Lounge is ideal for business meetings, lounging, or even for time to catch up with the family over some tasty bites. I sampled every thing from the delightful hummus and baba ganoush, which was absolutely delicious I must add, to the crisp salads and freshly made potato chips. There were a number of options to choose from each day; morning, noon and night. They had an array of meat and seafood, cheese, crackers, eggs, oatmeal, fruit, desserts, bread and more. The Club Lounge also offers free wifi, easy check-in and check-out service and a dedicated concierge to assist throughout the duration of the stay.  It is also important to note that the hotel is currently renovating their luxe 18th floor Club Lounge, which is set to be completed this May. For now, a first floor conference room is serving as a temporary lounge. I cannot wait to visit again- to experience the new Club Lounge. Club Level Access is well worth it for the sophisticated and elite traveler.



Club Level Lunch 


The hotel is centrally located. The Pentagon City Metro is just steps away from the hotel’s entrance, it is just a short drive over to Washington D.C. and all of the iconic monuments, and it is also a short distance from Ronald Reagan International Airport (DCA.) Attached to The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, is the acclaimed Pentagon City Mall. Shops include everything from Nordstrom to Gap, for guest’s shopping pleasure. The mall is also undergoing some exterior construction, as they are expanding to include some outside stores on South Hayes street. Additionally, I was able to walk the area in search of cherry blossoms, and pick up a few items at the CVS, which is located just across the street. There are two vendors setup near the bus stop out front selling souvenirs, and there are even pickup and drop-off stops for tour buses as well. During my visit, I was able to enjoy the area, including taking pictures of the beautiful cherry blossoms throughout my stay. Getting to and from the Monuments and downtown D.C. from the hotel was a breeze.

FullSizeRender (13)

Entrance to Ritz Carlton and fyve from Pentagon City Mall


Inside Pentagon City Mall

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

Exterior Capture of The Ritz-Carlton and Pentagon City Mall

fyve Restaurant Lounge Onsite

The food was phenomenal! I indulged during my time with colleagues, and also during my reserved lunch on my second day. On the prior evening, I noshed out on hummus and pita bread and during lunch, feasted on a succulent salmon dish that followed a palatable bowl of butternut squash soup. I even rounded out the meal with a small and rather tasty dessert. It was a total cheat day for me- considering I veered way off the path of my primarily plant-based diet! Side note- I do allocate some cheat days for business trips. I must admit though, that I did not regret my fall off the wagon one bit. Under the guidance of Executive Chef, Sriram Hariharan, fyve produces refined, gourmet dishes. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Executive Chef Hariharan, infuses his rich Indian heritage and restaurant experience into all of his creations. This was quite evident in the items I tasted, as they were well- seasoned and bursting with flavor. The restaurant’s entire staff was stupendous, including my server, Saba. They provided excellent service throughout my dining experience.



Lunch at fyve Restaurant

I had an incredible stay in the area and even managed to get some shopping in with an old college friend, who resides in the Maryland area. My time at The Ritz-Carlton was superb. It was impressive, relaxing and memorable. I cannot wait to visit the area and stay with them again. On the day of my departure, I smiled, thinking about how much I enjoyed and looked forward to returning to the Metro area again. I shared with my friendly sedan driver on the way out, what a pleasant experience it had been. If you are looking for an elite  and notable experience – The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City is sure to please.



*I was invited to visit The Ritz- Carlton Pentagon City Hotel. My invite in no way influenced my opinions, nor alters the perception of my stay and/or their amenities and offerings. This post recounts my actual experience from beginning to end.


Travel ABCs

Bon Bini, Bon Bini fellow global citizens and friends! Our 2016 Global Expedition continues. Today we’re going to discuss the ABCs of travel…. by reviewing the ABC Dutch islands in the Caribbean, which are comprised of- Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. I spent time in two of the three islands in February and had a spectacular time.

My first stop was to Aruba, where I experienced everything from deluxe spa services, to fine dining. I also intermingled with other guests from across the globe and lounged by the sea. I danced my way through the butterfly farm, which helps protect the vast number of species they have housed, and said a prayer atop the hill at the oldest church, Alto Vista Chapel, on the island. I was also blown away by the splendor of the natural bridge remnants and the pristine white beaches. I slept peacefully in plush amenities at Divi Golf & Beach Resort and Divi Phoenix each night, and relished in a variety of gourmet dishes each day at Windows and pureocean between outdoor activities. From the management down, staff and service was superb and amenities were plentiful! In Aruba, you can relax on the gorgeous white sand beaches, explore the magnificence of the marine life within the depths of the sea, dine on tantalizing cuisine from fresh seafood to gourmet pasta dishes, and make new friends along the way. It was one unforgettable time on the beautiful island of Aruba!


Natural Bridge Remnants- Aruba

My next stop was to Bonaire, by way of Curacao. My flight from Aruba was routed through the fantastic final leg of the trio of islands (Curacao,) which we’ll address after Bonaire. When I think of Bonaire I automatically think of tranquility. Everything about this land speaks peace and incomparable beauty. It’s like a hidden diamond in the rough, peaking out from beneath a cover. It’s a conservation haven and brilliant underwater idyll. It’s so remarkably wonderful and calming, but has the option for big adventure- like diving throughout the island or windsurfing over at Jibe City! One of the primary reasons tourists visit Bonaire is for the diving! The clear sea waters provide direct access to the colorful sea life, which are synonymous to a box of crayons, making for a photographer’s dream. After long, full days, I rested peacefully, seaside each night at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, and chomped down at Chibi Chibi and pureocean. The entire staff, including the resort manager, was just wonderful. Get your underwater and above sea cameras ready for one unforgettable time. Bonaire undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on everyone.


Jibe City- Bonaire

The last and final leg of the trio is Curacao. I first visited this island some years back and was completely smitten with its offerings. I enjoyed everything from the acclaimed, Queen Emma swinging bridge, to the chilling exhibits found at the Kura Hulunda museum, which takes you on a journey back in time, to the Dutch slave trade. I was captivated by the range of activities available to guests of the island. I was so visually excited by all the colors of the buildings to the lovely flamingos at the aquarium, which can be found on all three islands. Their rich color is reminiscent of that which typically only meets you in your dreams. While there, I stayed at the fantastic Hilton hotel and filled my belly with all sort of delectables at Aqua Restaurant and at Captain Bligh’s bar each day. The entire staff was great and I was super excited to earn all those international Hilton points. Can’t wait to go back to Curacao!


Queen Emma Bridge- Curacao

Now that you’ve learned your ABC’s won’t you sing along with me….”The Dutch Caribbean is ahhhh-mazing.” Make plans to spend your next holiday at one or all three of these magnificent islands- for one enormous adventure packed time! Until next time, safe and happy travels to you!


3 Travel Must Haves – My 2016 Global Expedition

Greetings travelers! This 2016, Candacetravels kicked off a Global Expedition. The tour commenced in Dallas, TX, in January and was followed up by a 3 country visit in February to the Caribbean. With several more destinations on the horizon, I wanted to share my 3 must-haves for each trip. So…without further delay, here are my 3 travel staples for a smooth and successful journey!

  1. My camera- I am the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3. I love it. It’s easy to use and the Rebel EOS series is a great starting point for amateur and new photographers. It takes high quality photos and feels good in my hands. It’s not overly bulky or painful to transport either. Recently, I invested in a multi-purpose (18mm-200mm) Tamaron Promaster lens, at the advice of a friend who is a photography guru (helping a newbie feel her way through,) and I haven’t regretted making the purchase since. The great thing about having a multi-purpose lens, is that it eliminates the hassle of having to carry multiple lenses. I can shoot objects up close, as well as at a distance. It was a fantastic find on Ebay- brand new, out the box and missing one end cap for a mere fraction of the retail price. My Canon is my baby and me love him (yes, my camera is a he) long time!
  2. My Laptop of choice- I’m always excited when I get to travel with a fresh out the box convertible. For my Caribbean leg of the expedition, I had the pleasure of using a Lenovo Yogo 900. This 2-in-1 is everything!!! I am a super-fan of the Yoga line, as it just works incredibly well for the person-on-the-go. The flexibility and ease of conversion is always a HUGE plus for me. The watch-band hinges allow me to flip between standard laptop mode to tablet or tent in just seconds- and it’s prefect that it’s touchscreen. It’s functional, the colors are rich and vibrant and it’s a great size- at 2.8 lbs, with a 13.3 inch display. I used the multi-touch during a couple meetings and it worked magnificently. It’s also slim and takes up minimal space in my often ridiculously full tote bag. This trip, I transported it in my sleeve. Depending upon the length of stay and amount of items I need to accompany me, I alternate between my sleeve in tote bag, to my Genius Pack Entrepreneur bag, which is more than a basic laptop bag. This particular journey called for quite a few extras, so I needed the tote space. The Yoga fit right in like a glove.
  3. My Iphone-  It’s difficult to believe that once upon a time I was a droidy.  I used to always say I can’t understand what the fascination is with everyone and Apple. Then one day, that old android of mine gave way, and I became the proud owner of an Iphone 5. I found it quite functional and easy to use and became so accustomed to it, that even after my first one was stolen in Rome, Italy, I found myself ordering a new one upon return to the states. Surprise- Candacetravels had officially become a member of team Apple. Go figure. Truthfully, I think I was hesitant to try because of my experience with their laptops.  I must admit that I’m still working on my comfort level with them, but have certainly converted over to the phones. I can take incredible pics on my Iphone, transfer pics between phones with fellow Iphoners by just tapping them together and Siri…well she answers just about every question that I toss out to her. I also do a great deal of business from the phone and it just works well for my busy lifestyle. I don’t leave home without it.

I’ll also be sharing some more travel info and tips throughout the coming months about best travel clubs, reward programs, credit cards and bank accounts to avoid fees for avid and new travelers. So…you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. Until then, I bid you safe and happy travels.Continue to follow, to read more about the “Epicness” of the 2016 Global Expedition that’s underway! Peace and blessings to you all.


Shot with my Iphone- In St. Maarten

Casual Weekend Dining In The Southwest -2016 Global Expedition

Wondering what’s new on the menu this weekend- in southwestern USA? If so, I have a few places in mind for you. How about a quick getaway to Dallas, TX for some delicious yum yums that are moderately priced? The Big D of the southwest, as it’s affectionately called by some,  is the first destination up in Candacetravel’s 2016 Global Expedition. Each month, I will choose a different locale and will review everything from cuisine to accommodations for you. I hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about my casual dining picks for northern Texas below -and I wish you all Happy eats.

  1. My first pick is Cosmic Café. This litte eatery is located in the uptown area of Dallas, TX and features an eclectic dining area and spectacular menu. From the moment you arrive, you can sense that it’s going to be quite an experience from the vibrant colors of the building’s exterior. Once you step inside, you’ll find the same Asian theme draped throughout. The dining room is small, but quite cozy. Although we waited a bit to be seated, it was well worth the time. I ordered the Buddha’s Delight, which was comprised of curried vegetables of the day, dahl, samosa, pappadam, rice and nan. It was so delicious and the platter was incredibly filling!!! I would definitely recommend it. I’m calling all vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and even meatetarians (lol,) a.k.a carnivores, to this oh-so-yummy restaurant- that won’t break the bank. There is something on the menu for everyone!delight


  1. My second pick is Zoe’s Kitchen. This wonderful, Mediterranean eatery has locations throughout the Dallas area, as well as in other states (US.) It’s a great option in place of your standard “fast food” restaurant, that allows you to dine in or carry-out. It offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere with orders prepared shortly after being placed. I had the red pepper hummus, which had a nice kick to it, alongside their classic pita bread (side note- I try not to eat anything with gluten in it, but at times will bend when unavailable.) The texture of the hummus was smooth and it also comes in basil pesto and classic hummus flavor, too. On my second visit (yes, I went back for a second time,) I enjoyed a tasty side of fantastically seasoned rice pilaf and mouth-watering Greek salad, with their signature salad dressing drizzled on it- thanks to my friend. It was oh-so tasty!! This restaurant offers everything from spinach roll- ups, to kabobs of all sorts. Zoe’s food is fresh, flavorful and festive. It’s pricier than your average fast food joint, but well worth the extra expense.


  1. The Blue Fish is my third and final pick for this piece. If you enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine, then you will absolutely love dining at the BF. They offer an array of small plates, ranging from ahi to spring rolls and guests can also feast on dishes including- tempura, decorative salads, entrees that feature Chilean Sea Bass, Chicken, or Steak Teriyaki and tons of sides for those of us who lean more towards the more plant-based side of life. There’s also an extensive list of sushi rolls to choose from such as California, Shrimp, Tiger’s Eye, Volcano, Baked Salmon, Spider and many more. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a contemporary backdrop. I had the most delectable salad that was both visually and gastronomically pleasing, with a tangy dressing. The Blue Fish is a super option for both large and small parties who are ready for some awesome eats and good times.


Please be sure to check out one or all three of these picks and be sure to let us know just what you think! Safe travels and again, happy eats my friends!



Photo credit for Cosmic Cafe and Zoe’s Kitchen goes to Google Photos and Blue Fish goes to Candacetravels