Leisure Expert


Candace Boggan (also known as Candacetravels) is a compelling content and travel writer, and business consultant. Throughout her career, she’s held a number of roles in business, across a wide range of industries. As an avid traveler, Candace has had the liberty to traverse the globe, affording her the opportunity to connect with various cultures and professionals.  The global specialist now draws inspiration from her experiences, using her talent to contribute to various media outlets. Her work has been featured in Upscale Living Magazine, on A Luxury Travel Blog, on Wayfaring.me, and in Global Living Magazine (GlobalLivingMagazine.com .) She also assists GLM with advertising efforts and provides support to several other small, mid- sized and large organizations in numerous capacities, including San Francisco based Public Relations Firm, Creative Edge PR – as a staff writer.

The savvy scribe has been deemed a wordsmith and ideation guru by many, because of her creativity and innovation. Her work has not only landed upon the pages of posh lifestyle publications, but her two blogs (www.candacetravels.com and www.connectingpassionandpurpose.com) are currently read in over 75 countries.  She has a flair for adventure and believes the ability to travel and the gift of writing are God- given, and she adores all things related. Candace also believes that “life is a series of events, and that it is meant to be lived.”

Her life verse is Psalm 27:1.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Candacetravels/Candace Boggan is strictly prohibited. If at anytime links or excerpts are sited, full credit must be given to the blog’s author with appropriate and specific direction to the original content posted on this site.

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