My November Suitcase Series Pick- Is Immune System Strong

Salutations to you, my road warrior and high flying friends! We are back again, discussing my top pick for November. As usual, the eleventh month of this 2015 calendar year was a busy one for me. My thirty days were filled exciting travels, airport delays, new acquaintances and all sorts of other incredible adventures. To ensure I stay in as tip top condition as can be, it is imperative that I keep my system strong. So…today I’m sharing with you, one of my favorite cold, flu and seasonal sinus busters. It’s none other than, Echinacea & Goldenseal Combination Extract, by Nature’s Answer.  You can find it online or at your nearest health store.

Let’s jump right in and find out more about this amazing supplement below!

Echinacea & Goldenseal

Why I chose this herb for my November travels? Germs are everywhere so it’s important to have a good, solid herb to help combat all that you come up against. Additionally, climate changes can also be a major factor in keeping your immune system up to par. Goldenseal is a remarkable herb to help fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. The list of uses extends far beyond the allotted space I have to discuss. Coupled with Echinacea, which has similar properties and abilities, they make for a mighty combo. My preference is the liquid form, because it enters the bloodstream faster, or so I’m told. I’ll worn you- the taste is utterly unbearable at times, but if you drink it in a small glass of water quickly, I promise it’ll (the unpleasant taste) end soon.

It comes in a 1 fl oz. liquid dropper, is gluten- free, alcohol- free, is “super- concentrated,” and is a 1,000 mg, proprietary blend of echincacea purpurea aeriel parts extract, goldenseal root extract, echincacea angustifolia root extract and echincacea purpurea root extract. 

This is a super product to keep tucked in your suitcase. Consider it your germ-busting companion. I recommend picking some up before your next big adventure!