Great App for Travel Photography…

In a world filled with so many choices, one might say that, “We have our pick of the litter- especially when it comes to apps.” There are apps for just about everything now, from best new recipes, to the creation of complex photo collages. However, one of the most innovative and fun new finds to date, is none other than the TRIO App.


You can “mash it up,” or enjoy hilarious takes devised by others. You will laugh heartily as you swipe right (nodding yes to those you like,) or left (to pass on those that don’t suite your taste,) as you review videos, pics and gifs constructed through Giphy, Instagram, Vine and more by others. It’s the perfect remedy during a flight delay, between layovers, during coffee shop or office work breaks, or simply for anytime at all… that you desire to put a smile on your face. You can add your own pics and videos, and even select one of your favorite songs from the list to accompany your mashup. You can additionally, throw in a gif to kick it up a notch, by choosing from a vast offering of animal clips, celebrities looks, food and drinks, emotions and actions. You can upload multiple pics, and share them with your family and friends, as well as throughout your various social sites. This technology will enable you to take your travel photography to a whole new level in the world of digital photo album creation. Trip pics will never be the same!!

You can download the #app directly to your phone from my link, and start using today!!

I’m pleased to be a new TRIO Ambassador, and to share with the travel community around the world! Check it out global citizens, and happy photographing!


Rome, Italy

After downloading the TRIO app at the link above, search for me at candace.boggan to view my new creations ~

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