Travel Etiquette – 3 MUST DO’s

This topic is near and dear to my heart!!! I think it’s safe to say that after spending a good portion of my days in and out of airports, train stations, as well as at rental car counters, and on the road in general, and all points in between, that I know a thing or two about travel. I’ve literally spent the last 20 months living out of my suitcases. During this extended “on the road” time, I’ve learned what an important topic travel etiquette is!! Unfortunately, I can’t say that ALL my fellow travelers are as passionate about this topic as I am. With that being said, let’s take a few moments to review some basics, and if you know of some individuals who could use a quick brush up on this rather important info, don’t hesitate to pass this link along! Trust me when I say, the rest of us will thank you:)

1. The 3 feet rule- I’m a HUGE fan of this first rule. When at all possible, I believe strongly that it should be exercised. Give your fellow travelers adequate space. Of course I’m aware it’s not always feasible in cramped spaces, but I’ve personally encountered situations where there was ample room, and other passengers/persons on the go, still abused the situation!!! HELLO- back up. Let those around you breathe a bit. YES, there will be times when lines are long, trains and planes are crowded, and airports are packed, but it does not give you an excuse to bare down on your fellow passenger’s backs. We can’t go anywhere, just like you can’t…so take a few steps back, and respect your fellow jetsetter’s space! On behalf of suitcase- towers everywhere, we thank you in advance! Let’s get to our intended destinations comfortably!

2. The no one wants to get sick rule- Coughing and sneezing requires a covered mouth. I recommend turning your head, and doing so in your shirt, or AWAY from those sitting around you in tight spaces; i. e. airplane, car, train, and any other place where this rule applies. No one likes being sick. Your germs are just that- yours! We thank you again for considering those of us who need to remain in tip-top condition to conduct our businesses/jobs. We sincerely thank you for listening!

3. The don’t let chivalry die rule- Gentlemen, please help the solo, female travelers out! I am NOT speaking to those of you who come running to the aid of a damsel in distress, but only to those of you with more muscle, who unashamedly stand around watching poor ladies of all ages struggle; to lift carry-on bags in-flight, up onto train station platforms, and even upon escalators. Let me just say, I am so thankful to all the wonderful men that have personally assisted this little lady along her travels. However, I am not exempt- I too, have experienced suitcase woes as men looked on. Yes, it’s true that we sometimes pack way too much, but please don’t stand by and watch us darn near dislocate a shoulder if you can help! Thank you, wonderful men!

The opportunity to travel, and explore new and old places is a gift. Let’s all enjoy the journey together, and help make it a fantastic experience!

If you can think of more travel etiquette tips that you’d like shared, please let us know for a chance to be featured!!! Shoot us a message or email at

Until next time, happy travels!!!

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