“What’s In My Suitcase?” Feb. 2015 Food Pick Part II

Welcome back travel aficionados! Here is Part II of my Feb.2015 “What’s In My Suitcase?” travel series. Today we will review another new found favorite that is an absolute must pack for your next escapade. Beanfields AHHHH-MAZING (so ridiculously delicious) bean and rice chips!!! Boy do these tasty treats pack a prodigious punch! They come in two sizes; a 1.5 oz, snack size, or a 6 oz, full size for an easy transport. Both will fit comfortably in any carry-on, so you can happily snack away while in flight, via car, or even during a train ride. If you don’t over pack, you can also make room to stash a few bags in your suitcase pockets as well- I know I will!!! I always make room for snacks 🙂 Without further delay, let’s jump right in, and learn more about this tasty travel snack!!!

Beanfields- Overview

Where do I start? I love everything about these chips, so let’s take a look at some basic facts. They are primarily comprised of beans, rice and oil (safflower or sunflower.) I’d say that’s already a pretty phenomenal start if you ask me! They are also Non-GMO verified, corn free, certified gluten free, vegan, free of the 8 most common allergens, are farmed and made in the USA, and most importantly…are FULL of taste. The chips come in 7 different flavors; nacho, barbecue, ranch, pico de gallo, salt n pepper, sea salt and unsalted! I’m elated to say that I had the privilege to sample each of the assortment, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have made this discovery. I’m a snacker by nature, so I guess that makes me naughty…haha (remember the song??? it was a joke,) so I am always on the hunt for healthy options for the road, when not indulging in (guilt-free) fruit. I’ve tried many other health-friendly chips in the past, but found that alot of them lack taste. NOT Beanfields though, they are the definition of taste! Seriously- these chips are exploding with flavor!!! As a result, it’s quite difficult to choose a favorite of the bunch, so I’ll do my best to provide a brief overview of each, to help paint an accurate picture for you;

1. The nacho are sooooo good that I totally thought I was eating a certain nacho flavored chip that starts with a “D” and rhymes with Lolitos (lol,) minus the guilt and the ingredients that is -yum yum!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!

2. When I think of the barbecue flavor, I immediately return to the days of my youth!!! Eating them takes me back to barbecue potato chips (they really taste just like them) and summer days in Ohio as a kid…ahhhh!!!! = LOVE.

3. If you are a ranch fanatic, who is interested in watching what you eat, or are now vegan,vegetarian, or other, I promise that you will be so overjoyed by this creation. My long time friend is nothing short of a ranch-a-holic, who is now vegan, and she was blown away by them when I shared a bag with her. Two BIG THUMBS up for ranch!!! WHOOHOOO.

4. I used to be a huge salt n pepper fan, so I was wondering if these would meet my former expectations. At one time, it was not uncommon for me to down an entire bag of traditional salt n pepper potato chips. I’m happy to say, these did NOT disappoint. They are a great alternative, and were the perfect complement to my (veggie) burger. UM UM GOOD!!!

5. Feeling festive? The pico de gallo are SUPERB, with a capital S!!! Grab a bowl of guac or salsa and allow your palate to party away. I could totally eat a pound of these with or without a sidekick (dip.) Stupendous!!!

6. The sea salt are the perfect dip chip! Though not flavored, aside from the sea salt, they are a great (base chip) carry-on snack if you have plans of picking up some hummus or other dip in the airport, or for the car ride!! I could eat them with so many sides. They are FANTASTIC!!!

7. The unsalted are the perfect choice for the person who is trying to monitor their sodium intake. Again, they are another great base chip, that can be paired with a dip, or as a healthy travel snack alone. Wonderful that Beanfield created a salt-free option! Major Kudos!!!

These bean and rice chips are so incredible that they’ve won a host of awards, including the “Snack Time Award” Taste For Life in 2011 for the -Pico De Gallo, the “Best of Show” at the Natural Products West, VegNews Expo in 2012 for the Nacho flavor, and were also rated a “HIT” by Supermarket Guru again for Pico De Gallo. Of course, these are just 3 of many accolades received!! Beanfields prize chips provide 4g of fiber per 1 oz serving and 4 g of complete protein per 1 oz serving as well. As mentioned above, the 3 base ingredients are beans, rice, and oil. There are no additional fillers or binders and contain NO gums, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, no trans fats and no cholesterol. Both the Ranch and Barbecue flavors do contain a plant based sweetener with zero added calories or sugars (per the ingredient list I received.) Additionally, the chips are comprised of primarily black, navy and long beans, and long grain rice. For more information on this Suitcase Series pick, and to place your order today, please visit http://www.beanfieldssnacks.com/

Also, you can visit your local Wholefoods, or other Healthy Grocery Store to buy these fantastic chips as well!

A huge thank you to Beth and the Beanfields Snacks team for sending me this awesome box of goodness! You have a new customer for life, and Beanfields has now been officially introduced to the global travel community!!! Happy eats and travels friends!!!


Assortment of Beanfields Chips!


When I first opened the Beanfields Box..


Beanfields Awards~


Picture of Box of Chips…

IMG_3062 IMG_3073

Information Sheet Beside Award Winning “Nacho” Chips

IMG_3069 IMG_3067 IMG_3068

Outer Box and Info Sheets

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