What’s In My Suitcase… “New Feature” TruSelf ORGANICS

Welcome fellow travelers!! Greetings to you all! Today I’m kicking off a new series for the year titled, “What’s In My Suitcase???…” I’ve decided to feature a new item every month in 2015- featuring my new favorite “must haves” for every trip. I assure you that all items featured will have already been tested by me, before any recommendations are made to you. In doing so, I promise to ONLY share the very best with my travel family!! Without further delay, let’s get right to it. The first item featured is my January Travel PickTruSelf ORGANICS Facial Mask!


One word comes to mind when I think of this organic, facial mask- FANTASTIC!!! This product is so awesome that I was hooked after just one use. I must say…I was equally as excited about the packaging. I’m a visual person, so from the moment I received the cute little box via mail, until the time I cracked it open, I was thrilled!! First off, it arrived in a compact box with the words TruSelf ORGANICS printed on the sides. Upon opening, I was warmly greeted with a lovely pink card that read, #loveyourself. Beneath it, was a circular, lightweight plastic container, perfectly nestled amidst some festive blue packing material. Center stage- the 4oz container held the actual mask contents, which were in powder form. YEP, you heard me correctly….powder. NO cremes, gels, pastes, and most importantly, no fuss! This makes it the perfect skincare product to have on the road. It will fit snugly in any suitcase inner pocket, or even in a carry-on tote. Powder form products are not regulated, so this little package of goodness can accompany you on any flight easily, without the gel/aerosol 3oz guidelines (for carry-ons.) #winning

What I liked even more about this product was how amazing my skin felt after just one use. With so many climate changes, I’m forced to brave many different elements, as well as endure the harshness of water that exists in so many places. Also, during the winter months, I find that my skin is especially dry, and in need of that extra bit of moisture. If you’re like me, then you can relate to the toll that travel can have on your skin. Having the right skincare solution can be the real difference maker in providing our skin the protection needed throughout the seasons, as well as all of our travel escapades. This item gets a big thumbs up from me!!! #wonderful

My Mask Experience-

First, I scooped some of the powder into a cup, mixed with water, and spread around until I’d completely covered my entire face. Next, I allowed the mixture to set for about 20mins until it hardened, then rinsed. I could immediately tell the difference. My skin felt sooooo incredibly soft and smooth afterwards…for days! I was thoroughly impressed, and have since used it two additional times. My experience was the same- pure skin care bliss. I am happy to say, my TruSelfOrganics mask will remain a staple in my luggage from here on out! #AWESOME

A huge thank you to the TruSelfOrganics team for sending me this AMAZING product. It did not disappoint~

Trust me friends, you’ll want to add this one to your suitcase. For more information visit http://truselforganics.com/

Until next time- Happy Travels!

IMG_2712 IMG_2770

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