My Favorite Travel Gifts of Christmas 2014….

Greetings travel partners and friends! I pray that you all had a magnificent time with family and/or friends over this past month. I know that I’ve really enjoyed my time with loved ones, though I’ve been very eager to get back to all of you. I’m so excited, and couldn’t wait a minute longer to share…. two of my favorite travel gifts that I received this Christmas. Thanks to my super amazing and thoughtful nephew, James, he picked out two very useful items. He gave great consideration to the selection of these gifts, and wanted to provide his dear aunt the best level of comfort for her future escapades! Love him!!! Without further delay, let’s jump right in.

1. A Portable Back Massage Cushion with Heat- Can I just say that I absolutely love this entire idea!!! Are you kidding me?? A portable massaging, heated cushion!!! Yes, you heard correctly, you can now travel with your very own, personal masseuse on the go!! It can be used on any chair; i.e. office desk chair at home, in a hotel room, on a flight maybe.. if you have some type of portable device that would enable you to plug in an adapter, and if the flight attendants would allow you to?? (good question,) or even during a lengthy car ride. The cushion has a two-speed variable intensity massage setting, heat, has straps that fit snugly around the rear of the chair for support, and even comes with two adapter outlets; one for home, and one for use in the car- just plug into the cigarette lighter, as if charging a cell phone. *Suggestion- Perhaps use of only the heat while driving would be best. I’m not sure how safe a massaging cushion would be after you’ve been driving for some hours, as we certainly don’t want anyone falling asleep at the wheel. However, if you are driving a less than fancy (rental) car in winter, use of the heated feature is a super idea!!! It’s very lightweight so it packs with minimal effort in any suitcase (I tested it.) Homedics hit a home run with this creation. #winning

2. Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat- Yes, I love this one just as much!!! Anytime the word massage is in a product, it can’t be a bad thing at all. This one fits just around the next and shoulders, and features heat and vibration massage settings. It operates by plugging into a standard outlet, or by battery (4 AA.) It fits perfectly in my travel tote, and is made of soft material with hand straps for an easy grip. Can’t wait to pop this one out on my next flight. Great in-flight sleeping, here I come!! Also created by Homedics, this one is sure to help release all that post Christmas shopping tension. #winning

Can you tell how ecstatic I am about my upcoming travel plans? I’ll be putting both of these babies to great use. I love when I receive functional and thoughtful items, that make life’s travels, a little bit easier. I hope that you’ve found some value in this information, and will consider testing these awesome travel companions out. Until next time…happy massaging, and safe travels.

IMG_2535 IMG_2536

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