Great Autumn Travel Snacks…

It’s the most vibrant and beautiful time of the year. As many approach the heavy travel season, I thought it’d be an awesome idea to highlight some yummy, and healthy travel snacks to carry along on your next journey. I have basically lived out of a suitcase for the past 15mos, so I’ve learned creative ways to make my travel, “food,” road and air experience, a pleasant one! Though most foods are available throughout the year, there are always those signature, seasonal finds, that make each quarter exciting! It’s Harvest season, as I like to call it… but also more commonly referred to, as Autumn and Fall…hence the title. Soooo, I’m going to share some quick and easy travel snacks for your next getaway, family vacay, or business trip.

1. It’s PUMPKIN season! This means you probably have left over (Halloween…or Harvest to some of us) pumpkins, that you still have no idea what to do with. Before you toss them, consider scooping out all of those delicious pumpkin seeds, and roasting them. They’re healthy, tasty and easy to pack for a short flight or drive. You can’t go wrong with pumpkin seeds!!! I have fond, childhood memories of carving pumpkins and digging for gold (seeds,) amidst the goo inside. Dig on!!

2. Did anybody say, pumpkin?!?! Ha! Here’s another suggestion for a great snack, and a super way to make good use of this fantastic, season favorite item. Muffins! There are so many options for creating the perfect muffin, from standard recipes, to vegan friendly ones. If you like something more traditional, a box, white or yellow cake mix will do. Just add the pumpkin guts, after tossing in the food processor, or here’s a can even use canned pumpkin if you’d prefer less work, and it’ll work just fine! For something more animal friendly, replace the box cake ingredients, and oil and eggs, with healthier items like; bananas, apple sauce or apple juice, almond milk, almond flour, silken tofu or flax powder, and of course include cinnamon and nutmeg, baking soda and baking powder, vanilla and/or almond extract, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and raisins. Delicious vegan or non-vegan muffins make for a great, sweet, breakfast treat for your morning trip…and they are healthier than your typical muffin you’d pick up while on the go~ I won’t name any favorite breakfast or coffee shops;)

3. I call this next one, “A cup of yumminess..on the go!” Select the apple of your choice, carve out all the inner parts, and fill with homemade granola, dried or fresh berries, pecans, a few sprinkles of cinnamon and/or nutmeg, and even some dark chocolate for an extra pop. This is the perfect, healthy snack to grab and go, and most of all you get to slide in an apple, and a pretty amazing granola snack too! Side note- keep the granola mix in a separate container/bag until you’re situated in your car, or on your flight, then dump in your hollow apple to avoid spillage, which can occur during the mad dash to the finish line.

4. My next suggestion is, “Figs in a blanket” This is a play on fig newtons, but better! Swap out traditional fig cookie batter for golden flax seed and gluten free oats, or applesauce, coconut milk, brown rice flour and grapeseed oil, alongside the deliciousness of items like hazelnuts, vanilla, chia seeds and of course…FIGS! There are many fantastic recipes out there, so adjust to your likeness. They’re easy to carry and make for a wonderful travel snack!!! Fig-a-licious~

Consider one of these 4 treats before your next trip. I’ll be gearing up to leave again soon, and I’m so looking forward to enjoying these Fall favorites before the next season. Healthy eats, and happy travels my friends. Until next time!


A basketful of delicious apples, ready for scooping…and granola filling~

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