Touring Toronto…

Where do I start! I love this city!!! It’s diverse, action packed and full of culture. Toronto offers award winning, fine dining and budget friendly options too. There are a plethora of outdoor farmer’s markets, tea and spice shops, and restaurants galore. The streets of the business district are filled to capacity with boutiques and tourist shops. The city is an absolute melting pot of nationalities and languages. I loved everything about my visit except the length of time spent…it wasn’t long enough to accomplish all I desired to do. Below, I’ve provided a few recommendations for you.
1. A great place to eat- Richmond Station. I’d read the reviews before going, and I must say, the food was every bit as good as stated. I nearly inhaled a delicious roasted brussel sprout salad. It was insane how yummy it was. One of my Toronto, travel colleagues also ordered the dish, and was equally as pleased. I could go on for hours, but all in all- one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten, and that says something… because I’ve eaten my share of “greens.” There are so many other phenomenal restaurants to choose from that I would literally need an entire article dedicated to food alone.
2. Tired of walking- just hop on the streetcar. Can I just say this was a life saver after parking, what felt like a million miles away from the restaurant… where my meeting was taking place? For $3 you can ride, get transfers and avoid sitting behind the wheel of a car in Toronto’s grueling traffic. Also, if you’ve never had the opportunity to ride on one, you might just consider it a pretty cool experience. Totally reminds me of San Francisco! Tour the business and fashion district without wearing out the soles of your shoes.
3. Downtown Business and Fashion Districts- These districts connect and are full of all kind of fabulous items. There are numerous boutiques, fabric shops, hotels, financial centers and tucked away alleys with amazing street art. I saw everything from a trendy sneaker shop to a high end furrier salon. You could literally spend hours roaming the streets, getting into all sorts of shopping trouble. Tourists, as well as local professionals co-exist freely on the streets of Toronto!!
4. Visit one of the area markets- the Kensington market area goes on for blocks! Also connected to the business and fashion districts, you can shop at the open air markets for fresh fruits and veggies, as well as pick up your favorite spice or tea, and even grab a souvenir for the road. The area is a major Asian hub, with the likes of all sorts of Eastern delicacies and products. It literally feels like it covers a half of a stadium in size. If you’re interested in upscale pieces, then visit St. Lawrence Market for some unique finds.
5. Calling all coffee lovers. While in Toronto, you must try their signature Tim Horton’s coffee. It’s the brand of choice in this part of the world. I took the liberty of trying the iced coffee, at the suggestion of native travel colleagues, The Wax Museum, and enjoyed it. There are a number of other menu items ranging from breakfast goodies, to sandwiches for your dining pleasure. It sorta reminded me of a Dunkin Donuts. Indulge in the local experience while up north!
There is so much more to see, do and write about, but I’m out of time.  Toronto is the perfect Canadian experience. They have museums, islands off the mainland, is surrounded by wineries and again…is a food mecca. You won’t regret a visit to this pretty amazing city- Toronto is the place to be~

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