The Health Conscious Traveler… Part II

Greetings to you all, my travel aficionados! As promised, here is Part II, to the blog posted just a couple weeks ago, titled “The Health Conscious Traveler.” If you missed Part I of my “healthy” stops, please go back and review for some great, Atlanta, GA, “natural food friendly” options. Here is the follow up piece, and thanks for stopping by! Good eats to you~

1. R. Thomas Deluxe Grill makes the cut this time. It’s an eclectic eatery, with an artistic vibe, and is one of my other absolute favorites. This place has a variety of healthy options including, vegetarian and vegan items, free-range meat, organic, gluten free and raw food choices too. The fresh juices are amazing, and the menu selection is diverse. Prepare to indulge in the likes of portabella dishes, salmon piccata with quinoa, broccoli and fennel, and raw collard kale salad (so delicious,) a variety of omelettes, spicy fish tacos (yummo,) veggie dishes with flax dressing (the best,) breakfast quesadillas and so much more. I couldn’t possibly name all that this fantastic restaurant has to offer. I have so many favorites on the menu that I would need to form a column. R. Thomas is located right on Peachtree Street in the Brookwood Neighborhood, and has plenty of parking in rear. They’re open 24hrs and you can comfortably order breakfast… any hour of the day. Check out their menu at This is a must do during your next Atlanta stay. You will thank me later:)

2. West Egg Cafe is up 2nd on the list. Another fan favorite in the Metro area- I’m surprised that this was my very first experience with them. I really liked it. It’s located on the evolving Westside of Atlanta, at the south end of the Westside Provisions District. Surrounded by other swanky eateries, boutiques and upscale apartments, WEC is situated in just the perfect place. The small, but fitting menu boasts of everything from a tofu scramble, to granola & yogurt. I personally ordered, and was pleased with my egg white omelette, with mushrooms and spinach, paired alongside skillet potatoes and a biscuit.  I must admit that I only took a small bite of the fluffy biscuit, because I’m trying to monitor my gluten intake these days. However, the omlette was tasty, as were the potatoes that accompanied it. My friend ordered the friend green tomato wrap and garlic grits, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Additionally, West Egg Cafe serves old fashioned oatmeal, turkey or vegetarian sausage, mixed greens, black bean cakes, soup and much more. You’ll be so glad you paid them a visit. Go to to learn more about them.

3. Volare Wine & Bistro in Hapeville (suburb of Atlanta, near the airport,) also makes the 3rd and final cut! This was my first visit here as well. One of my best friends raves over this place, and I must say it did not disappoint. It offers a cool, laid back atmosphere, in a well renovated space. It’s family owned and located right on N. Central Ave. During a visit to this little gem, you can delight in roasted eggplant, olive or beet dishes, hummus, sun dried tomato dip, or chicken breast and certified angus flat iron steak (for the carnivores out there…) to name a few. There is also an amazing wine list to complement the range of dishes. They feature specials, which I opted to try, and found it to be a wise choice. My dish was a well seasoned, spicy salmon penne (gluten alert!!!LOL) bowl, that came with a salad for under $15. It was yummy and just the right portion. Check Volare out for a nice surprise! I hear everything else on the menu is equally as tasty. Visit for more information.

This concludes Part II of my healthier options while traveling in, or around the Atlanta area list. There are so many other great alternatives in the metro, from Soul Vegetarian and Seasons 52, to Green Sprout and Radial Cafe. I just don’t have room/time to name them all. There are still many, many places here I’ve yet to try. As I continue “eating,” perhaps a Part III will follow at some point in the future.

Side note-This is my birthday month so I have splurged a bit more than normal with my dishes. However, I will be wrapping this month up soon, and going on a major cleanse!!! No gluten and limited carbs. I am normally a heavy veggie person (no meat, only fish,) but have indulged more than normal… in pasta and potato filled dishes this month. Everyone has taken me to eat. 🙂 What can I say? I know..two words- juicing and gym… when I get home. 🙂

I hope you find benefit in this information, and consider dining at one of these tantalizing locations next time you’re in Atlanta! Until next time fellow travelers~


West Egg Cafe, Atlanta, GA

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