Travel With Purpose…

The ability to travel is a gift. It opens both the mind and soul to new encounters, that otherwise might not be experienced. It has the power to link people of various nationalities and backgrounds to a common place. Each destination offers us something unique with each step. We make new friends, indulge in local cuisine, learn new activities and customs, and become exposed to so many cultural wonders along the journey.

So, how do we give back to the beautiful lands that bless us with so much?

We travel with purpose in mind!

We find creative ways to help the natives, who so graciously share their hearts, love and time with us. I challenge you my fellow travelers to give back on your next holiday. For example, consider providing items to an area orphanage, or women’s shelter. Donate stuffed animals to a local hospital, or do something as simple as share a book, meal, smile or word of encouragement.

Global Citizens of the world, isn’t it time we start making a difference in some major ways? We gain so much, yet often miss valuable opportunities to repay. Let’s do our part to show our appreciation to those who welcome us, and help leave their land in a better place ~

Acts of kindness go a long way! Let’s commit to travel with purpose.stlucia

St.Lucia…the day I left housekeeping a “surprise” gift!

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