These Shoes Were Made for Walking…

If these sandals could speak, boy would they have a story to tell. The “travel” year has kicked off to an amazing start in just a few short months (-4 to be exact!) So far they’ve led me to the shores of the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, to the office of a President who oversees the Americas division of an Italian based yacht company, to the edge of the dock… before boarding 3 different exquisite vessels( Ferretti yachts- my favorite,) through the streets of South beach in Miami, into the office of a global real estate company in Atlanta, to witness the splendor of Niagara Falls (including the actual falls,) through a Canadian winery and vineyard, to the seat of a Parisian Crepe Bistro, among other delicious stops, trekking through the streets of Toronto’s business and fashion districts, aboard a trolley, to the table of Richmond Station for a delectable roasted brussel sprout salad during a business meeting, through the doors of friends and family, and across the foyer of a gorgeous resort in Orlando. I’ve danced around monuments in the park, graced the halls of museums in Ohio, walked through the tourism booth in Pennsylvania, and enjoyed a yummy salmon salad in New York! Not bad for the start of the season… I’d say. What’s even more exciting, is that we’re just getting started…and have so much more to see before they get packed away. I guess they’ve now become my favorite pair of shoes for the season. Oh, the others in my suitcase aren’t bad, but probably a little jealous at this point, considering all that these lil puppies have already accomplished. I know..I shouldn’t play favorites, but I’m just saying…I have to consider them my “blessed soles” for the year! Laughing..well, these shoes were made for that’s just what we’ll do.

Stay tuned to find out the likes of where these super sale rack specials take me next!!! Out of all the other amazing designers that dwell in my suitcases and closets, it’s the pair that cost the least, that’s enjoyed the most fun! Thank goodness my mom saw them last winter. A huge #win-Thanks mom!! To be continued…


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