The Beach Life…

Located on the west coast of Florida lies a sand bucket full of fun.

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a “beach town?” If so, a visit to Clearwater Beach, Florida would provide a welcome glimpse into life as Oceanside Floridians know it. This location epitomizes the ultimate beach town experience to the fullest. The convivial locality is filled with a plethora of activities to choose from. Head over to Pier 60, where you’ll uncover a picturesque scene with powdery white sand, and “clear” ocean water for miles without end. Partake in any number of recreational water sports – like sailing, jet skiing, banana boating, or para-sailing. At the tip of the pier, you will also find a fisherman’s paradise. The fee is $1 to enter the gate, and you can spend the day or evening fishing. Many flock here to connect with other anglers, and look forward to catching their evening meal. It’s also not uncommon to rub elbows with visitors from across the seas. I’ve personally met travelers from both Europe and Asia

At 6pm daily, January through December, artisans, painters and craftsman of all kinds flood the boardwalk with stations to sell their unique designs and creations. You can snag some pretty cool finds, and make some rather interesting acquaintances in the process. Pier 60-beach days are the best. There is also the Sugar Sand Festival held each April (where sand sculptors compete,) the Pirate Ship Adventure, “free” Jolley Trolley island tour, and Clearwater Aquarium-where “Winter” the fin-less dolphin of Dolphin Tale, the movie lives. Adults can also enjoy spa services, boat charters, day fishing trips, romantic oceanside dinners, area shopping and dinner cruises too.

*One of the most popular area restaurants is Frenchy’s- best local grouper in the community- moderately priced and guaranteed a jovial time; 5 locations in the area. I personally frequent this establishment, and rave over the blackened grouper sandwich to everyone!

If your family is looking for a Floridian beach holiday, consider a visit to the west side of the sunshine state!


Clearwater Beach, Florida- Pier 60

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