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Happy Holidays, friends! It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year! With so many festivities underway, it is easy to get into the holiday spirit, whether you are celebrating at home with loved ones, or some far away place across the seas. As for me, I typically split my time between my two home states; Florida and Ohio, so this year will not be any different. I spent Thanksgiving with some family who came to visit the Sunshine state, and later this week, I will be headed to the Buckeye state for Christmas. Soooo, here is how I am spending this year and how I traditionally do, when I am – Home for the Holidays.




Epcot, France Pavilion 

There is much to see and do, during the holiday season in the Sunshine state! From Christmas parades to tree lighting ceremonies, there is something for everyone to enjoy. As noted above, this Thanksgiving 2017, I had the pleasure of playing tour guide to some extended family, who came to visit. I must say, we had a fantastic time, taking in all that central Florida has to offer. We combed the grounds of two Disney theme parks, noshed out on some delectable comestibles at two of my favorite restaurants and even got in a little holiday shopping, too. It was great times for sure! As a matter of fact, I enjoyed myself so much that I couldn’t let the fun conclude, upon their departure back home. Since then, I have really gotten into the Christmas spirit, so here is a recap of my late November and early December Home for the Holidays, Florida Edition.



Magic Kingdom, Holiday Parade

The holidays would be incomplete (at least in Central Florida,) without a visit to the beautifully bedecked, Disney theme parks this time of year. Thus, I happily led the global tour of Epcot’s World Showcase, pointing out all of my favorite countries. We ate in Morocco, which is difficult for me to resist when at the park and spent a good amount of time at the France, U.K. and Italy Pavilions, as well. I mean seriously, who can resist gorgeous, giant red ornaments with replicas of some of Paris’ famous landmarks inside of them? Certainly not I. Ha! My family was also eager to sample French pastries, view the Italian themed architecture up close and take photos in the iconic red phone booths in the U.K. After trekking the globe, we decided to take it easy the next day, so we caught the ferry over to Magic Kingdom, to witness all the holiday splendor there. We watched the Christmas parade, snapped photos of the gorgeous Christmas lights throughout the park- and they even got the opportunity to test out a ride or two, before wrapping up the day. It was a magical afternoon indeed.

“Christmas in a Cup” Drink, Roots

As noted above, upon my family’s departure, I could not let the festivities end. Thus, I continued on in true (outdoor) Florida, holiday fashion. I attended the Christmas Tree Lighting in Winter Park, visited downtown Lake Mary’s winter wonderland at night (and by the way, I was completely in awe of their incredible light display at the square,) slurped down Root’s yummy, “Christmas in a Cup,” drink, as well as some Puerto Rican Egg Nog with a few friends, and of course witnessed countless other lightings and/or decorations, from Disney Springs to various other parts of Orlando. I am definitely in the spirit and looking forward to heading to Ohio next!




Vanilla Cupcake, Vegan Sweet Tooth 

Growing up in Midwest was a joy for me. As a youth, I loved building snowmen, making snow angels and sledding, too. It was the absolute best! For these reasons and more, I would not change my northeast Ohio roots for anything! As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until I got older that my heart “grew cold” on the idea of frigid temps and snow- pun intended! LOL! After spending several, unconventional November and/or December holidays surrounded by palm trees, the beautiful winter scapes up north, lost some of their luster. However, I would not trade the time I get to spend with family, for all the green tea in China- and I love tea! But… I love seeing mi familia and bringing them Florida goodies more. It warms my heart in a way that the outdoors simply cannot! We spend meaningful time together; shopping, laughing, eating and making very important trips over to Vegan Sweet Tooth bakery, so that I can indulge in the most delightful cupcakes ever. Haha! Yum, I get happy just thinking about them!! And who can resist seeing the beautiful, smiling faces of those you resemble and getting the best hugs and kisses from little and big (clarification- children and adults…not referring to size) people, who are so thrilled to see your smiling face. Sooo, I pull out my winter coats, toss on heavy sweaters, jeans and UGGs and head up north to relish in all the love they have to give. There is nothing like eating my mom’s delicious side dishes (no meat for me.. remember) and my nephew’s decadent desserts, or chatting away with my niece about all the cute boys in class. Haha!! These are the best of times in life. So- this is why my time gets split in twos. From trimming trees to wrapping all of my mom’s gifts for her, (the ones that she gives to others) these are a few of my favorite things! So this concludes the Ohio edition. Go Bucks!! Had to slide that in.

What can I say; I have the best of both worlds!!! Tis the season to be jolly and tis the season to travel between two states! Thus, I am expecting some more great times before the holidays come to a close. And come New Year, well, let’s just say it will be past time for a “new” adventure, so stay tuned. Happy Holidays and remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. Peace, love and blessings to you all! Until next time, safe travels!


What do you have planned for the holidays? Drop us a line and let us know. We want to hear how you plan to spend the most festive time of the year!

*In full disclosure- I am currently on project with The Walt Disney Co. (servicing Disney Cruise Line.) This project in no way impacts the statements above in this post. The information provided is a true depiction of actual events over the last few weeks.