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BAUDE Paris: The Cosmopolitan Woman


BAUDE Paris Pavillon

Located just off of one of Paris’ most prominent boulevards, The Avenue des Champs-Elysees, the fabulous, BAUDE Paris, is nestled within the Pavillon fond de cour, on Rue Pierre Charron Avenue. This incredible Fashion House is the epitome of haute couture, for the sophisticated and strong woman. BAUDE’s line features bold colors, exotic leathers and ultra-functional luxury bags and jackets. The collection is ideal for the cosmopolitan and chic globetrotter, so find out below- just why every jet setter should own a piece of this remarkable collection.



Collection Overview & Designer

During my recent visit to Paris, I sat down with acclaimed designer, Elodie Baude, and her Public Relations lead, Celine, to discuss the details surrounding her high-end collection. I also wanted to learn more about what inspired Elodie to create such a bold and vibrant line. Upon reviewing the collection, it was obvious that she drew from her past experiences to construct such brilliant, and well thought out designs.


Designer, Elodie BAUDE

Her collection is comprised of posh handbags, exquisite duffles and totes, and butter soft, super feminine leather jackets. I was blown away by the variety of options in her showroom, and the intricacy of details found on each item. Thus far, BAUDE’s signature line has received rave reviews within the fashion community, and continues to soar.


BAUDE St. Barth 

A native of Paris, France, Elodie Baude, also spent time living in Miami, FL, in the U.S. She used her prior international travels and experience in interior design and fashion, to spearhead this rare and colorful collection. Elodie found that modern day women everywhere looked for and appreciated specific attributes. Taking this into consideration, she set out to bring this remarkable collection to life. She won and continues to win the hearts of women around the world, through her refined bags and jackets, without sacrificing class or beauty. As a result, over the last couple years, Elodie’s designs have been spotlighted and featured in various media outlets.


BAUDE Summer (Tote)

BAUDE Handbags

Elodie stated that her bags are, “identifiable” because of the “precious skin leathers,” which are manufactured in both France and Italy. The collection is a mix of crocodile, snake, lamb and lizard skin, all bedazzled with gorgeous hardware and/or jewels. The materials are rich, colorful and immediately make a bold statement. It’s obvious that the women who carry BAUDE’s bags are confident, desirable and stand in a class of their own. These worldly ladies are also well-traveled and relish rarity. As a result, all BAUDE handbags come with an exclusive card with a designated serial number. Additionally, each design of the “precious skin leather” bags does not exceed 200 (bags created.) While it is possible to order a handbag that has ceased production, it would require some special customization. This is done to ensure BAUDE remains in a select class. While the style would mimic the desired bag, the straps or hardware for example, would in some way differ. This will make it a one of one, because remember each original style will never exceed 200 units. Again, this aids in the maintenance of the exclusivity of the brand and the private clientele it services.


BAUDE Favorite Paris- New York Clutches 

The BAUDE line features everything from the lovely, “Favorite Paris-New York” snake skin clutches with broach styled jewels in ten colors; beige & green, denim blue, black, green, gray, brown, red, purple and white, to the practical lamb skin tote bag- that is perfect for the office or travel. The tote comes in 3 colors- gray, camel and navy blue, and includes a built-in leather sleeve for laptops or tablets. The line also includes beautifully crafted tapestry print bags that are perfect for the beach or shopping, as well as lamb skin clutches and various crocodile skin bags for day or evening use. Additionally, the collection includes elegant hardware on many of the bags that can be worn separately as a necklace, which is a unique feature. BAUDE offers a deluxe and diverse line of luxury handbags for the elite modern day woman. Rest assured, I will be adding a tote to my travel collection as soon as I decide on the best color. Trust me, after seeing these bags, you will want to include them on your current must-have list, too!


BAUDE London Jacket

BAUDE London Jacket

Like the handbags, I can give you a million reasons why I love this ultra-feminine and fashionable jacket. It’s spectacular in every color and the leather is super soft. Aside from being incredibly stylish, the London Jacket is highly functional, too. The jacket comes with zip on and off ruffles- that attach on the lower back of the lamb skin coat. Thus, this beauty can be dressed up or down as needed. The ruffle attachments also come in both leather and faux fur, to give the jacket a completely different look. It is one of the most creative designs that I’ve witnessed in a long time. It comes in red, camel, light gray, dark gray and black, and is perfect for daily wear or special events.

BAUDE London Jacket

Whether you’re in London, or some other part of this huge world, this jacket is a definite add to any leather collection. Grab one today, or be sure and place it high atop your upcoming Christmas, special occasion or holiday list. You can thank me later.

BAUDE BI GM Bag up Close with Hardware



For more information on this beautiful and unique collection, visit BAUDE Paris today. Request an invitation to be a part of this A-list group of exclusive BAUDE women.

BAUDE -Exclusive Card in Showroom


BAUDE- Exclusive Card up Close





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