I spend a good portion of my days throughout the year on the road and/or in the air, so when it comes to finding ways to unwind, I try to make it as simple as possible. One of those ways is by enjoying a hot cup of tea after a long day- to help me relax. I recently became acquainted with the Teavery line, and I was blown away. I would consider myself a bit of a tea connoisseur, so I’m speaking from experience when I say, “This is some delicious tea!” I have tasted a variety of teas from all around the world- so I take my tea drinking pretty seriously. I purchase teas locally, as well as abroad and look for exotic blends at tea shops, who import them in from various parts of the globe. Besides water, tea is my favorite beverage….and of course organic apple juice (which I used to think was only for babies and old people, but that’s another story for a different day.) In any case, I sampled three extraordinary blends from Teavery’s vast collection, and here’s what I think:



My Experience

I found each of the teas from the Teavery line to be rich in texture, bold in flavor, aromatic in scent and soothing to the palate. I drank each of them in their natural state, as well as tried them with a sweetener (-I recommend agave nectar or honey and/or lemon.) I sampled the raspberry black currant first. It smelled fantastic and tasted even better! I could literally drink this one every day. It was my favorite of the trio. I paired it with organic, almond oatmeal and fresh fruit for a complete breakfast. A few days later, I steeped a kettle of the ginger peach rooibos as part of a post-dinner nightcap. The tea’s beautiful fragrance filled the length of the kitchen, and I savored the flavor throughout the rest of the evening. The mix of the two flavors; peach and ginger, made for a spectacular duet. The following week, I made a cup of the triple greens with jasmine blend, alongside some granola, and was once again extremely pleased. I have had my share of green tea in particular, and this one is quite strong and rich, yet with a hint of softness from the jasmine. It was a delightful cup of goodness with a kick!! It was wonderful. I even shared the raspberry blend with my mom, who loves raspberry, but is a regular coffee- drinker and she said it was quite “delicious!”

Teavery Collection

Teavery has three distinct tea collections; Urban Tea, Classic Tea and Herbal Tea. They are a mix of “organic, classic loose leaf teas, blended with a variety of herbs and/or fruits.” They are also”imported from farms across the globe.” I selected one from each category as noted above; Ginger Peach Rooibos (Urban Tea,) Raspberry Black Currant (Herbal Tea,) and Triple Greens with Jasmine (Classic Tea.) Teavery boasts that their teas are “fresher, healthier and tastier,” and I would have to agree. When scrolling through the list of blends online, I was so torn between which selections to try first. For a tea person like myself, it was a tough choice to make. I wanted to request one of everything, but somehow managed to narrow it down for the order!!! When they arrived, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality, fragrance and taste. They came in 3 small pouches with the ingredients and instructions for each on front. On the back, a portion of the encasement was transparent, so I could see the rich blends in all their splendor. When I tore each one open, the bold scents immediately hit me in the face- in the most pleasant of ways. I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait to taste them, and when I did, I just wanted more – and to sample other flavors.


Tea Connoisseur Club

If you are anything like me, you’d probably want to try a little of everything, too. Thankfully, Teavery has come up with the perfect solution! They created a Tea Connoisseur Club for tea lovers to join, so that we can “sip” on something new each month. They offer 3 plans; Tea Addict– which comes with 224g per month, Tea Enthusiast– which comes with 56g per month and Tea Fanatic– which comes with 112g per month. Each provide 4 different  “organic, hand blended, loose leaf teas.” There are 5 types of tea available; green, black, white, chai/rooibos and herbal. Teavery “hand selects (these) unique blends each month” for members, as well as provides them with “exclusive”benefits, where they can “save 60-70% on loose leaf teas.” All subscriptions are “personalized and all orders are also shipped at the members convenience.” (Teavery ) The tea is easy to transport and I can start or end my day over a hot cup of tea, while home or away. You can purchase tea blends by the month or individually.


New to the Teavery Line

On September 1st, Teavery will introduce their new glass thermos, equipped with a removable tea infuser. I had the pleasure of testing it out and it is PERFECTION! It’s slim, great for the environment (glass, as opposed to plastic,) and it houses the tea, allowing it to marinate the full length of my drink, if I want it to. I can take it on the go, by securely packing and carrying it with no problems. It slides right down the side of my tote bag. The glass cylinder also fits in any cup holder and comes with an insulated cover for effortless handling, to prevent touching the hot glass directly. Be sure to visit Teavery to order yours this coming Thursday, September 1, 2016.

To review the extensive collection of Teavery teas and to place your order today, visit Teavery, and use code CT10 at checkout to receive 10% off, as a thank you to all of my wonderful followers!! All orders $10 and over, will also receive free shipping. Cheers to happy and safe travels, and to several delightful cups of yummy tea!

*I reviewed these sponsored products for Teavery. This has in no way impacted my opinion of them, and I have provided readers insight, as well as my true experience with each of the tea blends.