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Month: June 2016

The Perfect Stowaway

Looking for the perfect “stowaway” for your summer 2016, travel schedule? If so, then do I have a great suggestion for you. It’s a traveler’s favorite- the fantastic line of Stowaway Cosmetics. I’ve trekked across the country with these goodies for the last 3 months, and it’s been quite the pleasure having them in tow. Since I now refuse to leave home without them, you can bank on spotting me with one or more of the beauty products on. From the smooth and silky lipstick, to the gorgeous, natural shades of the eye shadow palette, these beauty enhancers are a must-have for your upcoming adventures. Below are my top 3 reasons why you should add Stowaway Cosmetics to your packing list- today.


  1. Size

Stowaway Cosmetics are compact and portable. They are the ideal size for weekend getaways or even extended business or leisure trips. The primary benefit to having smaller sized cosmetics, is that they take up much less space. As a result, they leave room in your make-up bag for other essential travel items; like nail files, facial cleansers and mini perfume bottles. The lipstick tube is about the length of a pinky finger and the eyeliner is about the size of a ring finger, whereas the cheek and lip rouge is just a tad larger than a silver US dollar. The eye shadow palette is the size of a hotel room key (or credit card,) and the mascara stick, complexion balm (foundation) and tiny concealer are about 2/3rds the size of traditional ones. Since I’ve become a minimalist over the last couple of years, these items work well with my current lifestyle. I’m certain that just about every road warrior and person on-the-go, would appreciate this line. Aside from being an absolute home-run for travelers, Stowaway is also fantastic for nights out on the town. They fit perfectly into just about any clutch, wristlet or small purse.

Where has Stowaway Cosmetics been all of my life???


Stowaway Cosmetics- Taken at The Ritz Carlton- Pentagon City, Arlington, VA


Lipstick tube in comparison to a standard M.A.C. tube


Essential Eye Palette – The size of my (The) Ritz Carlton hotel room key

  1. Customization of Products & Packaging

It’s easy to customize a kit online, as well as to select individual items. The online store is user friendly and provides information about each beauty product. The available colors are listed under each item, along with the price. The Stowaway Cosmetics line (lipsticks, rouges and lip glosses) primarily features colors within the pink and mauve family. There is also a beautiful red, creme lipstick to choose from and a range of moisturizing tints. The Essential Eye (Shadow) Palette is comprised of beautiful matte and shimmer earth tones that can also be used for brows, as well as for a liner. The gorgeous Cheek and Lip Rouge complements the lipstick and lip gloss line impeccably, and the Effortless Eyeliner and Extreme Lash Mascaras both come in black, and the eyeliner is offered in brown as well.  Most of the products come in a cute matte, gray encasement with the word “Stowaway” in white – on the outside of them, and the Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm cream moisturizer and Creaseless Concealer come in white tubing with gray lettering. The packaging is adorable!

When my kit arrived, it was in the most charming little white box with all of my goodies packed away inside!


Stowaway Cosmetics upon arrival- in individual boxes


Stowaway Cosmetics upon arrival- enclosed in tissue paper and label

  1. Use

Product Review

I have used all of my Stowaway products for the last few months, and have really enjoyed them. They have traveled with me from airport to airport and from hotel to home and all points in between. They’ve held up well under fierce travel conditions and have proved to be durable despite being small.

Use- I really like the feel and the creaminess of the raspberry lipstick. It’s brighter than what I normally wear, but I wanted to step out-the-box with this one a bit. It feels great on my lips and complements my rich brown tones. The mascara is also pretty great and goes on easily. I like the thickness of the product, for the perfect lash. The eyeliner is soft and silky, but actually takes a few applications before showing up for me. The cheek and lip rouge is a real winner. I appreciate that it’s a two-in-one, allowing for maximum use. I can wear it on my lips and cheeks, which cuts out the need for a separate lipstick tube some days. It’s cremey and applies rather effortlessly for a little pop of color. The eye palette is probably my most favorite of the bunch, because of the beautiful earth tone shades. I typically aim for a more natural look, so the long lasting colors worked well for me. The complexion balm wasn’t exactly a match for my skin tone, especially since I’m summer sun-kissed, so I passed it on to my niece. I’m a deep caramel and rich brown, so the darkest shade available, “tan,” wasn’t quite deep enough for me. However, I did like the texture of it when I tried. Even though it is a tad darker than what my niece normally wears, she loved it! The concealer was equally as smooth, but was also a shade or two lighter than my normal tint. This too, was passed onto my niece, and she absolutely adored it. She said that it was one of the best concealers that she’s ever used- and that’s a real complement coming from her. She is a makeup connoisseur. She models, dances and acts, so she takes her beauty items very seriously. I look forward to seeing the addition of some new tints and lipstick/gloss colors in the future, but all and all, my overall experience with Stowaway Cosmetics has been an extremely positive one!


Raspberry Lipstick and Peony Cheek and Lip Rouge 


Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm and Creaseless Concealer -both in “Tan”

Stowaway products are cruelty, paraben and phthalate -free, and are appropriately priced. From $8 for tinted lip glosses, to $22 for beauty balms, these items are a treat.


Stowaway Cosmetics Packed inside my Tumi bag with room to spare

*I reviewed these sponsored products for Stowaway Cosmetics. This has in no way altered my opinion of them, and I have provided readers insight, as well as my true experience with the beauty items. 




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