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Month: June 2015

Suitcase Series: Guess Which Tech Item Traveled to Europe With Me?

As I prepared to head across seas, I had to determine which items would make my suitcase cut. More importantly, I knew I had to select the perfect tech companion to accompany me. Knowing the details of the journey, it was crucial that I chose wisely. With a heavy lineup, including destinations throughout Spain, Italy, and France, I knew that I’d need the ideal partner to handle such a rigorous schedule. It would have to be small enough to fit in all the pouches, pockets and even upon small desktop counters that I’d encounter, as well as be easy enough to pack alongside my other travel buddies, like my Canon camera. For this reason, my choice would have to be lighter in weight, and most definitely flexible. Considering the circumstances- my selection was none other than the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro II.

While similar in functionality to its predecessor, this version is more compact in overall size. At only 2.4lbs and just 0.62” thin, this fantastic 2-in-1 made for an excellent companion for my travels abroad. Though this unit may feel like it’s a tad heavier than the original Yoga Pro 3, it’s not. It also used less space- because of its smaller frame, making transport and storage a breeze. It fit quite easily into my carry-on bag, providing me the accessibility I desired in- flight, during taxi-rides, as well as fit comfortably within both of my tote bags that I carried throughout my assignment. With a full schedule each day, it was imperative that I had an ultrabook that could meet all of my needs- and trust me, this one did!

The Yoga 3 Pro II has an 11.6in LED-backlit LCD high-definition widescreen, an Intel Core M-5Y71 processor, comes in 4GB -8GB of memory, from 180GB – 256GB hard drive, has voice recognition, a built-in webcam with microphone, and comes with an 8.1 Windows operating system. The multitouch also comes with Intel HD graphics, a 4-in-1 media reader, 1 USB 3.0 port, and 2 USB 2.0 ports. This Yoga additionally, lives up to its popular name, with the amazing capability to convert easily into 1 of 4 modes; laptop, tablet, tent and stand. It comes in black and white, and has a keyboard with a shiny finish – which enables you to glide across the keys with minimal effort. This touchscreen is the perfect choice for all of your upcoming travels! Bon Voyage~


Laptop Mode


Tablet Mode in cruise ship cabin


International Flavor….

There’s something so thrilling about crossing boarders, boundaries, and great seas, in search of the unknown. I’m not sure if it’s the overall experience that I enjoy the most, or the rush I get from meeting new and exciting people- from all across the globe. What I can say without a shadow of doubt, is that travel in general, opens the heart, mind and soul to so much more. It elevates your thinking, and exposes you to incredible possibilities, that challenge you to be more creative. Maybe it’s the energy in the air… but there is just something about the vibe of the international flavor that pulls you in. You may be wondering just what the international flavor is as you’re reading??? Great question! I consider it the mix of cultures, races and customs that so beautifully blend together while trekking the globe. It’s like the best frozen rainbow ice creme, or  marble cake you’re ever indulged in. Though we all speak various languages and our cultures differ for the most part, we are linked together through the same adventurous spirit. We link up in airports, train stations, and even on boats. We share smiles, communicate during taxi rides, and exchange laughs on restaurant patios… in hopes of learning more about each other. The walls of racial divides are brought down, and prejudices are crumbled right before our very eyes. We share our backgrounds, livelihoods, and in some cases swap information, sparking future business and personal relationships. We mesh, we connect, and we ultimately develop as a result of it.

What a blessed life it is… to travel! What an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and make new friends. I love it, and I’m so elated to be a part of the international community. I’m a better, and more well rounded person for it. We are modern day global citizens, and we’re working diligently to impact the world, in an effort to make it a better place!

Europe 151

Isle of Capri, Italy~

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