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Month: August 2014

The Health Conscious Traveler…

Greetings fellow health conscious, travel aficionados !! I write to you today from a place that is like my second home- Atlanta, Georgia. There are so many great things I can say about this city, having previously resided here for over a decade, but I’ll attempt to highlight just a few of my favorite pastimes. Where should I begin?

My “Go to” Stops-

1. Of course a foodie like myself would decide to start with where to eat! There is no way that I could remotely cover all of my favorite metro eateries, so I’ll attempt to spotlight one of my absolute joys-The Flying Biscuit. I can’t say enough about this place, having been a patron since the early 2000’s, but it is the perfect place for a hearty, and healthy meal. Options range from Buckwheat pancakes, topped with peaches, to the most delicious and creamy grits that I have ever tasted in my life (sorry mom, but even she agrees!!)- they are literally second to none!!! Then there’s the blackened tilapia, smoked salmon scramble, flat iron steak, for you carnivores, soups and salads, fish tacos, veggie burgers, oven roasted, “moon dusted” potatoes, soy and chicken sausage, and, let’s not for forget their signature biscuit, which also comes in wheat, and apple butter. And yet still…there is much, much more- yummo!!! I’m officially drooling now!! They have multiple locations throughout the Atlanta area, and offer a plethora of tantalizing dishes for the health conscious diner. The Candler Park location even has an attached bakery. I highly recommend a visit to this place.

2. Arden’s Garden is my second stop. This is my favorite place for fresh juice and wheatgrass in the city. They use a cloth-filtered hydraulic press, which maintains the integrity of the fruit. Though sold in many of Atlanta’s major grocery stores, I prefer to go directly to their Little Five Points location for a fresh bottle. Here are my top choices: 1. Hotshot, 2. Carrot Apple Ginger, 3. Beet It Better,  and 4. Ginger Root. There are a number of other concoctions to choose from. They are delicious, nutrient rich, and power packed. Also, consider starting off with a fresh shot of wheatgrass to set the tone. I promise you’ll be refreshed after a visit to AG.

3. Sevananda. I love this grocery store! It’s somewhat like a miniature, Wholefoods (-clarification- WF is still one of my favorite grocery stores,) but with a local vibe. The staff is knowledgeable, and you can purchase anything from vitamins and detoxes, to naturally made soap. There are so many goodies upon the shelves of this little jewel, I’d need a full page alone.You can even set your shopping cart aside, and get a short chair massage for a reasonable cost. I like it because it’s less crowded than most major chains, though still quite busy, but provides a more intimate customer experience.

There are many other places that I could’ve included in this short list, but these are by far three of my favorites. I’ll stop here, and complete a part II, in the coming weeks. Stay tuned fellow travelers~

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Arden’s Garden juice and Flying Biscuit Veggie burger, grits and tea!


Travel With Purpose…

The ability to travel is a gift. It opens both the mind and soul to new encounters, that otherwise might not be experienced. It has the power to link people of various nationalities and backgrounds to a common place. Each destination offers us something unique with each step. We make new friends, indulge in local cuisine, learn new activities and customs, and become exposed to so many cultural wonders along the journey.

So, how do we give back to the beautiful lands that bless us with so much?

We travel with purpose in mind!

We find creative ways to help the natives, who so graciously share their hearts, love and time with us. I challenge you my fellow travelers to give back on your next holiday. For example, consider providing items to an area orphanage, or women’s shelter. Donate stuffed animals to a local hospital, or do something as simple as share a book, meal, smile or word of encouragement.

Global Citizens of the world, isn’t it time we start making a difference in some major ways? We gain so much, yet often miss valuable opportunities to repay. Let’s do our part to show our appreciation to those who welcome us, and help leave their land in a better place ~

Acts of kindness go a long way! Let’s commit to travel with purpose.stlucia

St.Lucia…the day I left housekeeping a “surprise” gift!

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